Ever since his childhood, Ales was known for his adrenaline junkie persona. He soon developed an interest in all different kind of sports. However, he lost his heart to the mountainbike. Eventually, Aleš got his first professional MTB in 2001, joining the bicycle club “Pazin“. As no way was too far for him to train on his beloved bike, he took the loss of cycling countless kilometres to and from training in another city.

Since then, Ales took part in various races and competitions and became a member of the Croation national mountainbike marathon team due to his hard work in 2009. To find out about his achievements, just have a look below!

When Ales turned 28, his wish to ride a bke from Buzet in Istria to Buzet in France finally came true. In only 10 days, he travelled 1800km, visited countless towns and villages and ate tons of excellent French Pain-au-Chocolate. Arriving in France, he enjoyed a warm welcome and was greeted with wide open arms by the people of French Buzet. Until today, he considers this trip to be a “once in a lifetime“ adventure.

Encouraged by his trip to France, Aleš decided to open up his own company “Outdoor Mania“ to pass on his experience and knowledge to all interested local and foreign tourists, lovers of nature and, of course, cyclers in 2014. His deep knowledge of the area, his love for the Istrian countryside is omnipresent in all his tours. Being on a bike thereby gives everyone the chance to see and experience places hidden away in the Istrian hinterland.

In early 2018, Ales decided to expand his services for guests and now offers – next to bike rental and guiding – all inclusive tours, featuring accommodation, day trips and many other fun things. Furthermore, tours are no longer restricted to Istria, but are available in areas all over Europe. All these changes came along with opening up the second website www.outdoor-mania.eu, allowing costumers to check on new offers and to keep posted about the latest adventures. However, the original website www.outdoor-mania.hr will remain active.

What are you waiting for? Contact Ales and he’ll do everything to make your holiday most memorable, completely tailored to your wishes and needs. Join our Outdoor Mania family and become an outdoor MANIAC!

His great passion towards cycling was shown through many performances and successful results on many famous MTB races:

3rd place at the XC Croatia cup
3rd place at the XC championship in uphill
„Road to Dubrovnik“ traveling from teh Region of Istra to Dubrovnik by bike in 5 days
2nd place at the XCM championship Croatia
2nd place XC championship Croatia
Statteg (Austria) XCM world championship successfully finished (as a member of representation)
3rd Rally di Romagnia
Montebelunno XCM european championship successfully finished (member of representation)
St. Wendel XCM world championship successfully finished
2nd place Tara Mtb
Race Kajkavijana 300km Mtb successfuly finished
Salzkammergut Trophy 211 km successfuly finished
Ki-Challenge 110 km successfuly finished

2013-Buzet sur Baise

When Aleš turned 28, a long-planned idea of riding bike from Buzet in Istria to Buzet in France was finally coming true. In 11 incredible days, he traveled 1,800 miles, visited countless towns and ate tons of excellent French Pain-au-Chocolate. Aleš was greeted in French Buzet, where he successfully achieved one of his dreams and cycling adventures.

Another dream was to convey his experiences to all interested local and foreign tourists, nature lovers and cyclers, but also to share his knowledge of the area they are visiting and showing them the natural beauty that can only be experienced on bike.

You just have to decide, and Aleš will do everything to make your holiday wonderful, tailored to you, instructive, fun, active and SIMPLY ORIGINAL!