General Terms and Conditions


Crafts Outdoor Mania has no obligation towards orders, unless the ones received in writing. The trade may, by their own choice, refuse the order even after negotiations conducted with a potential buyer / user of the services.


Prices are shown in Croatian Kuna (HRK) and Euro with taxes included, unless otherwise expressly stated by representatives of Outdoor Mania.

If necessary, VAT will be paid at the applicable rate specified in addition to the listed prices.


All deadlines for the use of services in advance will be negotiated and defined. The client confirms that they have checked the bike, that it was in good working order, that they know how to ride a bicycle and use it, and that they ride it to their own responsibility. Checking the bike and a confirmation about managing it at one’s own risk, the user confirms by signature on the “Invoice”.

If a user starts to use a bicycle before signing the “Invoice”, it will be considered that the client reviewed the bike and confirmed the management of the same at their own risk.

The client is OBLIGED to use protective helmet while riding a bike.

In certain conditions of renting a bike Outdoor Mania may ask the client for a cash deposit as security for the bike from damage and this deposit will be returned to the client at the moment they return the bicycle in proper condition.

Outdoor Mania undertakes to deliver the bikes available to the user at a pre-arranged place of use.


The deadline for payment is when a client chooses a bike and other equipment to use. Exceptionally, payment may be later than returning the bikes and other equipment.

When restoring bikes and other equipment, users and representatives will look together and check the used equipment. In case of malfunction, bending or breaking the bike or part of bike and equipment, the user undertakes to settle regular market price for the part which should be replaced or repaired.


If careless use of bicycles results in scratches during renting, Outdoor Mania has the right to increase the rental price for 100%.

All major malfunctions on the bike and equipment caused by unprofessional and careless management of user is to settle in accordance with the price list of the main representative of the Republic of Croatia.

When renting bags with the equipment user is required to return contents of the bag in the original condition. If the inner tube was used because it was punctured, an old inner tube MUST be left in the bag. Otherwise, the renting price of the bag will be increased by 100%.


If a bicycle’s market value exceeds 3000 HRK, Outdoor Mania may require a deposit insurance of at least 10% of the market value of the new bicycle. The same deposit will be refunded if the customer returns undamaged bike.

The user can be exempt from paying the deposit with the accompanied service bike guides licensed by the Outdoor Mania.


Outdoor Mania reserves the absolute right of ownership over the bikes and equipment at the date of their use. If the user does not return bike and equipment by the expiry of the use, the owner will require funds for damages in the amount of the purchase value of the same type of bikes of the same characteristics in the Republic of Croatia.


Outdoor Mania guarantees that all the supplied bicycles are according to their technical specifications and without any malfunction.


With the completed order by the customer, it is considered that these General Terms and Conditions have been accepted.


These general conditions constitute the entire agreement between the customer / user and Ales Hrvatin and supersede all prior subject agreements and arrangements, related to the subject of business.